The truth is, your pets, the animals at the zoo and the animals in the wild are probably not as excited as people are for the solar eclipse, but it could be interesting to see how they behave!

Martha Register is the VP of Education at the Greensboro Science Center. She says the eclipse might not have much of an effect on their animals, but they're going to be paying close attention to the birds because they are very cued in to lighting.

"For them it may just be a shadow passing over, that's all an eclipse is," Register explains. "It may make them think 'Hey! Is it supper time yet?' They also have an internal clock, so a couple minutes of darkness may or may not scare them."

Register says there really isn't too much research on animal behavior because total solar eclipses and near total solar eclipses are so rare, but adds there's no real danger to them. They plan to monitor all the animals at their zoo that day to see what they do.

And a big question folks are asking: Does my cat or dog need to wear eclipse glasses?

Register says no.

"We don't want them staring at the sun either," she explains. "But chances are they're not going to. For them it is a shadow just like us. It's going to cause no weird phenomenon, no cats and dogs going crazy."

The Greensboro Science Center will also be having an eclipse viewing party. You can check out their website for more information.