What more could you possibly want from a celestial historical moment? A waffle.

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UGA professor Jerry Shannon created a map overlaying the NASA's path of totality with Waffle House locations and ta-da! You have a perfect guide on where to eat and watch when the big event hits on August 21.

He was inspired by a similar map published by another Twitter user overlaying the eclipse with Big Foot sightings and another with UFO sightings.

Challenge accepted. pic.twitter.com/PnFJSXeSiY

— Joshua Stevens (@jscarto) August 3, 2017

Why Waffle House? We asked Shannon.

"It's part of the landscape of our lives in the South," he said."Whenever someone visits, it's one of the first things they want to do: visit a Waffle House."

Shannon's primary area of research is food accessibility, and he often uses maps to show the relationship between cities, people, and food.

"Maps tell good stories," he said.

The internet immediately embraced his Waffle House map. Shannon said it wasn't a big surprise. "It's something everyone can relate to. Everyone's been to a Waffle House."

Shannon said he's still debating how he'll spend those few dark minutes on August 21: camping at a state park or joining his colleagues at Sanford Stadium. But it won't be at a Waffle House.

"At least not while it's happening. Maybe afterwards."