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Allen Jay Elementary celebrates different cultures through artwork

Each grade level is represented by a different country. Art Teacher King Intahong teaches first graders about the Chinese New Year by creating Chinese lanterns.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Students at Allen Jay Elementary School in High Point are learning about different countries in a creative way. These students might not be hopping on a plane, but they are traveling around the world through their artwork.  

WFMY Anchor Lauren Coleman interviewed Art Teacher King Intahong to find out what country the first graders are learning about this year.

Credit: WFMY

What are you making today?

“Today we are creating our Chinese lanterns in honor of our Chinese New Year. We had a little bit of a late start, but our first graders are traveling to China through their artwork. Each grade level here is represented through a different continent and our first-grader babies are currently learning about China and the importance of lanterns during the New Year.”

How do you integrate learning about different cultures and countries through the arts with your students?

“At our school, each grade level is represented through a different country. So once a month I will create lessons that highlight either an artist or crafts and arts from that country. So, we have a brief history lesson and then we create artwork focusing on that country.”

How have students received it? What has been their reaction?

“They really enjoy it, last year we were in the continent of Africa. This year we are learning about somewhere new. They really like to hear all the different stories that we use to incorporate in our artwork this week.”

Why are these projects important for the students?

“Our school is super diverse and it’s just a great opportunity for the little ones to learn about another culture, another place without even traveling, so it’s good exposure for all the little ones here.” 

Credit: WFMY


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