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A classroom to help kids in "remote learning"

Teresa Denmark started a small business to help parents get their kids through remote learning successfully.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Teresa Denmark was a teacher for years. But after having kids of her own she decided to stay home for a while. Her kids grew and so did her desire to get back in the classroom but she never thought it would be like this.

"I had the idea recently when some of my friends that are moms said they needed help trying to run the remote learning out of their house," said Denmark.

"So, I went to my husband and we saw a need and decided to help parents around the area and start a business assisting remote learning," continued Denmark.

Her company, called Palm Bridge Learning, has allowed kids a one hour and 45-minute session complete with social distancing and cleaning between sessions.  She says the response has been incredible.

"We try to reach as many families as they can and parents are very grateful. I hope we can branch this out to as many Triad counties as possible," said Denmark.

If you're interested, spots are available.