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Greensboro man partners with High Point Central High School to teach boxing and life skills

Steven Matthews, Punch4Pounds Kids, and High Point Central High School are on a mission to implement discipline and leadership among the student body.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Punch4Pounds Kids is a program looking to use the art of boxing to develop leadership skills in teens and to deter violence here in the Triad. 

Founder Steven Matthews recently partnered with a local high school to expand his program, and we found out how it works.

Boxing is more than jabs and hooks. It teaches discipline, focus, and leadership. Those are lessons founder Steven Matthews plans on bringing to High Point Central High School (HPC) with their new after-school partnership. 

"We understand that today a lot of students aren't as excited or encouraged about learning or being in the school setting. So coming inside of the schools to be a support to the student physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally to encourage and support the student so they will become excited about learning and their future", Matthews said.

Starting this semester, there is a new after-school activity that can be found inside the walls of HPC.

"Building comradery, building unity, and cultivating leaders so like Principal Hattenbach says we can continue to recruit and transform the student body here at High Point Central",  said Matthews. 

Matthews and HPC have come together to provide boxing lessons for students to help transform the attitude of the student body and teach students life lessons at the same time.

"My friend told me about it, and I was surprised because I never expected boxing to be in school... It's here to help us be better people, get good grades, and be champions", said HPC freshman Tha Thaw.

After the final school bell rings, the boxing begins, and Principal Mike Hettenbach hopes even more students will get involved.

"Yes it is very interesting, unique, and innovative, but that mentoring and leadership piece is key. What can these kids do for our other kids in this school? It's not just about the kids in this program, it's about the whole school and that to me, is what leadership consists of," said Hettenbach.

It's a team effort to help grow the students of HPC, not just physically, but emotionally, and intellectually as well.

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