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Guilford County Schools delays reentry for middle and high school students

In addition, the Board of Education wants county leaders to present a plan to the district about rapid COVID testing & pending vaccinations.

Guilford County Board leaders had a lot to consider and discuss Tuesday tonight as COVID-19 case numbers continue to drastically increase across the county, state, and nation.

In a 5 to 4 vote, the Board decided not to bring back middle and high school students for at least three weeks. Both groups were scheduled to return in January. This means students who are not currently attending in person won't be going back just yet.

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In addition, the board wants district leaders to present a plan about rapid COVID testing & pending vaccinations. 

In a release, a GCS spokesperson stated that previously, both middle and high school students were scheduled to return later this month, with students receiving in-person instruction two days a week and remote instruction three days a week. Those students will now continue remote instruction, as they have since August, with the exception of certain students with disabilities who returned in November

The motion in Tuesday's meeting was:

"I move that we withhold sending any additional in-person instruction for middle and High School students for at least 3-weeks, except at learning hubs and direct staff to present the board of education will a report satisfactory to the board regarding the availability of testing and a report of completed and scheduled vaccinations."

The district reports that as of January 5, all elementary students who chose to return to in-person learning, 73.5%, had returned for in-person instruction. The remaining students are either enrolled in the district's virtual academy, or receiving remote instruction through their schools.

You can view Tuesday's board meeting here