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A first-hand look at why Guilford County Schools is requesting $2 billion in upgrades

The plan is huge. But Guilford County Schools officials say you'll understand why if you see the problems first-hand.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County Schools (GCS) is giving WFMY News 2 a firsthand look at all the work needed in the school system.  

The district unveiled a massive plan to completely overhaul the school system. A consulting firm called Cooperative Strategies drafted a plan that initially called for $2,045,675,000. 

A spokesperson provided the photos you see. They're from three of the schools slated for complete rebuilding under the current master plan: Joyner Elementary, Foust Elementary, and Page High School. 

The district would include rebuilding 22 schools, fully renovating 19 schools, and constructing seven new schools. 

The bulk of the money - around $800 million - would focus on rebuilding the worst schools in the district, according to GCS. This means knocking them down and starting over. About $400 million would be put toward 19 other schools for full renovations. 

List of schools recommended to be rebuilt:

  1. Allen Jay Elementary
  2. Bessemer Elementary 
  3. Brooks Global
  4. Claxton Elementary
  5. Foust Elementary
  6. Frazier Elementary
  7. Irving Park Elementary
  8. Jackson 6-12 Prep Academy
  9. Joyner Elementary
  10. Kirkman Park Elementary
  11. Kiser Middle School
  12. Millis Road Elementary
  13. Montlieu Elementary
  14. Morehead Elementary 
  15. Northwood Elementary
  16. Page High School
  17. Peck K-8
  18. Southern High School
  19. Sternberger Elementary
  20. Vandalia Elementary
  21. Washington K-8 
  22. Weaver Academy (McIver Site)

List of schools recommended to be fully renovated:

1. Newcomers School (Academy at Smith site)
2. Allen MS
3. Alternative Programs (Weaver site)
4. Andrew HS
5. Erwin Montessori (Archer site)
6. General Greene ES
7. Grimsley HS
8. High Point Central HS
9. Jones k-8
10. Lincoln Academy
11. Early College HS Leadership Academy 6-12 (Swann site)
12. Northeast HS
13. Parkview Village ES
14. Penn-Griffin 6-12 VPA
15. Sedgefield ES
16. Shadybrook ES
17. Smith HS
18. Welborn/Kearns 6-12
19. Western HS

List of Recommended Building Closings: 13 school buildings and 11 administration buildings, a result of program moves, school and administration consolidation

  1. Brown Summit MS
  2. Cone ES
  3. Doris Henderson Newcomers Schools
  4. Erwin Montessori
  5. Hampton ES
  6. Madison ES
  7. Murphey ES
  8. Oak Hill ES
  9. Peeler ES
  10. SCALE-Greensboro/Twilight
  11. Southern ES
  12. Sumner ES
  13. Wiley ES
  14. Merritt Drive Annex (admin)
  15. Prescott Street Tech Department (admin)
  16. Lees Chapel (admin)
  17. Franklin Boulevard (admin)
  18. Franklin Boulevard/Moen Transportation (admin)
  19. Eugene Street (admin)
  20. Laughlin Professional Center (admin)
  21. Psychological Services (admin)
  22. Market Street (admin)
  23. Grimes Ave Warehouse (admin)
  24. Naco Road Maintenance (admin)

Over 20 Guilford County district schools would be rebuilt under proposed $2B master plan

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