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'Both roles take patience, it takes time and understanding' | Guilford County Schools educator teaches class from son's hospital bedside

Kirkman Park Elementary teacher Tanya Curry said her family comes first, but being virtual gave her the ability to wear both her teacher hat and mother hat at once.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — It's a new world of learning for parents, teachers, and students in the midst of the pandemic. 

Saturday night, things got more stressful for Guilford County Schools teacher Tanya Curry, but she's still finding a way to make it work.

The Kirkman Park Elementary School Teacher and mother of three said her son Ayden was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital Saturday night. 

"My immediate thought was, 'What am I gonna do with my other two?'" said Curry.

She and her husband took shifts at the hospital while making sure their two other children were taken care of. 

Once Sunday night rolled around, Curry's thoughts were with the ten other children she has in her pre-k class.

"My family comes first but at the same time I know my students need me," she said.

So she brought the classroom to the hospital. From her laptop, she taught her students, right from her son's hospital bedside. 

"Both roles take patience, it takes time and understanding," she said, "Knowing that we were virtual, it gave me the opportunity to do both."

Curry said she's been able to take time away from the hospital to care for her other kids and help them with homework.

Still, she said she'll continue to teach from the hospital as long as her son is there. 

"When I look at that picture it shows a mom and a teacher wearing both hats at the same time," she said, "I want people to know teachers truly care, love and have a passion for educating our students."

So as parents, teachers, and students try to navigate this new world of learning in the midst of a pandemic, Curry wants everyone to know, like many other teachers, she'll always care for her students no matter what. 

"Teachers care about our students. That's the profession we were graced to be able to do," said Curry. 

Curry said she's been able to take a few hours out of the days to take care of her other two kids. She said she helps them with homework and connects Ayden with her other kids through FaceTime, because they miss each other. 

Her husband stays with Ayden at the hospital when Tanya isn't there so he's never alone.   

Curry said the family will know more on Wednesday about when Ayden will be able to go home.

Curry said he's healing and getting better day by day. 

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