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NC parents upset about required in-person exams

The state says several standardized exams have to be taken in person this year despite the coronavirus risk.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Even though most students are remote learning now, the Department of Public Instruction confirms kids will have to go back into the classroom for the following standardized tests: 

End-of-Course Tests for N-C Math 1, N-C Math 3, English 2 and Biology

The Career and Technical Education State Assessments

Read to Achieve Alternative Assessment

Read to Achieve Portfolio

Beginning of Grade 3 Reading Test.

A group of parents is so upset by this they started a petition. It now has more than 1,600 signatures. One of the things really getting people fired up is that for high schoolers, these tests count for 20 percent of their grade. So skipping them would have a huge impact.

"There is nothing standard about a pandemic and so standardizing testing during this time seems out of touch with reality. And in person, many of parents chose a virtual option knowing they would be safe at home, and to be told now they have to go in for a data point, seems ridiculous," mom Susan Book said.

The state sent a letter to every superintendent basically saying their hands are tied because the federal government is requiring these tests. And they have to be in person because: "inconsistent access to the test and the administration procedures would yield inequities in the students' experiences. These differences could skew any outcomes, misrepresenting student performance, achievement, and growth."