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'We are a melting pot' | Multicultural Day at Pearce Elementary highlights and celebrates diversity in Guilford Co.

Pearce Elementary educates students on cultures around the world and those around the Triad.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — According to the US census bureau, 11% of the Guilford County population is made up of people born outside of the United States.

The staff at Pearce Elementary School decided it was something they wanted to celebrate Wednesday by hosting a multicultural day.

Families from 14 countries made their way to the gym at Pearce Elementary to introduce students to countries and traditions outside of their own in hopes of getting one main point across.

"The world we live in is so big and we may all be at Pearce Elementary, but all have so much to share and honor about our different cultures," Pearce Elementary School Principal Michelle Shindra said. 

Parents and faculty alike put together presentations for kids to check out, so they can learn about different countries and cultures, making it a fun and engaging experience. 

"I just think it's a great opportunity to talk about your country, but secondly, hammer home that we're all one big happy family if we could all just get along," Phillip Gunst, Pearce Elementary Parent, originally from Melbourne, Australia stated.

Even one of the assistant principals took this as an opportunity to school her students about her homeland.

"We are a melting pot," Pearce Elementary Assistant Principal said. "Within our school alone, we have over 20 different nationalities, and what better way to highlight that, than to celebrate it? 

Wednesday's event allowed kids to taste new foods from across the world as well as, learn some new dances and dive into a new culture that they may not have known about until this program. 

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