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School Apologizes After 8th Grader Designated 'Most Likely To Bomb US' In Yearbook

Though it turned out to be a self-designation, a concerned parent still finds it shocking that such an inappropriate joke made it past administrators.

PEORIA, Ariz. - A Peoria school is apologizing to students and parents and reprinting this year's yearbook after an inappropriate comment was printed in an attempt at humor.

One of the graduating eighth graders at Sonoran Science Academy self-designated he was "Voted most likely to bomb the U.S."

“My heart dropped into my stomach. I thought, how does this get past administration?,” said parent Bree Brown.

The Peoria mom has a fifth grader who goes to Sonoran Science Academy. Unaware of the comment at first, her daughter had a bunch of friends sign the yearbook before bringing it home.

Brown says her daughter was looking through it when she noticed the statement next to the boy's photo.

“It is highly inappropriate and shocking that it got through administrators,” Brown said.

The school has sent a letter to parents apologizing for the incident and sent this statement to the media:

“On Friday night, I became aware of an inappropriate entry included with the 2017-18 yearbook in which a student self-designated they were ‘Voted Most Likely to Bomb the U.S.’ To be clear, there was no class vote. Each student self-selected a superlative for himself or herself. After speaking with the student and the student’s parents, it is apparent the comment was a misguided attempt at humor. There was absolutely no malicious intent on the part of the student.

Regardless, our entire administrative team takes this seriously. The comment should have been caught and removed during the editing process before the yearbook was published. Our school is investigating how this incident occurred, and has already taken disciplinary action against the faculty adviser in charge of the yearbook. Going forward, we will be instituting a more stringent review process to ensure this cannot happen again.

In the meantime, we have reached out to each of our Sonoran Science Academy-Peoria families to express our deep regret regarding this incident. We are also collecting yearbooks from students who had already received them, and will have a new, edited batch printed and distributed at no additional charge to families. On behalf of Sonoran Science Academy-Peoria, I apologize for any inconvenience and for the larger situation, which does not accurately reflect our students, school mission or the values we share with our families and community.”

12 News is not identifying the student and it’s unclear how he or the administrator were disciplined.

Brown questions if any of the eighth grader comments were reviewed before publishing and points to other kids who gave themselves superlatives such as "most likely to be a computer tech scammer" or "most annoying."

The school is offering refunds and is also reprinting the yearbook so parents and students can pick up a new one at no additional cost.

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