RALEIGH, N.C. -- Leave it to thousands of creative and highly frustrated teachers to brainstorm ways to drive home their message to state lawmakers.

PHOTOS | Signs That Sent a Loud and Clear Message at NC Educators' Rally

You could say these teachers got an “A” for effort and an “A +” in creativity for the thousands of signs they brought to Raleigh.

When you put pen to paper or markers to poster board, there’s nothing that can stop your voice from being heard.

In fact, one sign just made us revert to second grade as it read, “Don’t make me use my teacher voice.”

Teachers make creative signs to drive home message to lawmakers

Even librarians couldn’t keep quiet in Raleigh while joining the rally.

Signs from the NC Educators' rally that get straight to the point (Photos: WFMY News 2)

PE teachers had a message of their own holding up a sign reading, “NCCA, Do you have any balls? Because our PE classes don’t. Fund our schools.”

Signs from the NC Educators' rally that get straight to the point (Photos: Kara G. Peterson)

And something just doesn’t add up for these teachers when it comes to lack of money for school supplies. No, matter how smart you are in math.

One sign read, “I’m 40 years old and my mom still buys me school supplies.”

School supplies signs

Another sign read, “Straight Outta: Copies, Glue Sticks, Tissues, and Pencils.”

Then there’s the issue of class size.

A teacher held up a sign reading, “Speed Limit 35, not class size.”

PHOTOS | Signs Capture the Emotions of NC Teachers' Rally in Raleigh

We also found lots of creative signs on Twitter.

These teachers prove they're not just tough in the classroom but they're tough on lawmakers.

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