VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) — Bus drivers are so fed up with drivers violating stop arm laws that they have started an initiative that they hope will get people to pay attention.

Drivers in the resort city might have seen the big ribbons on bus grills already. They read “RED FLASHING, NO PASSING.”

"When that bus stops and those lights come on and the stop arms come out, they should stop immediately," said Director of Transportation, David Pace. "So [bus drivers] wanted to make the motoring public aware that you should not pass this bus."

Parent Davena Sigler witnessed a close call first hand when her kids were about to catch a bus in Kempsville. Luckily, the speeding car did not pass when her sons were near the bus.

"The car that came here just blew by and when she did, she actually had to run up on the other side of the sidewalk,” said Sigler.

Pace said violations are on the rise. The new initiative by bus drivers is meant to get spread awareness. The ribbons are being sold among drivers for $3 each and funds go toward more safety initiatives.

"I'm just glad it came from the bus drivers themselves because that just goes to show the sensitivity they have to this problem,” said Pace.

The black color is to remind drivers of the deaths and injuries from children who have fallen victim to accidents. About 300 have already been distributed, Pace said.

Virginia Beach transportation officials are also working on equipping buses with stop-arm cameras. They will be installed on 100 buses in January and operational in February.

The cameras will come at no cost to taxpayers, Pace said.

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