The 12-year-old rapper detained last year after police accused him of trying to sell his CDs at Cumberland Mall said he is standing up against what he calls injustice and excessive force.

Corey Jackson, who goes by Corey J. and Lil C-Note, held a news conference Monday with attorney Mawuli Malcolm Davis, and other supporters.

In October, Corey J. was at the mall with family when he was stopped by a Cobb County Police officer who can be seen on cell phone video grabbing his arm. 

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A video of the incident went viral.

Officer: You’re going to the youth detention center if you don’t stop

Corey J.: So what you can do is let me go because I know my Amendments

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The 12-year-old faced felony charges after the encounter. Police, however, said the video didn't show the whole story or give context. Police said an officer issued the child a criminal trespass warning because the was selling CDs without permission. Officers reportedly warned Corey J that if he was caught back on the premises, he could be arrested. 

Police said Corey J. tried to walk away and that's when the officer grabbed his arm to detain him. His family claims he was wrongfully targeted. 

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"This child, charged with nothing - not stealing, not doing anything whatsoever  - but feels as though that he is such a criminal that he was to be handled as a criminal on that day," the attorney said.

Corey J. said he is now working with an initiative to support youth who have experienced injustice. He also mentioned he wants to stand up for people like E.J. Bradford. Bradford was mistakenly killed by police as authorities responded to reports of someone with a gun at an Alabama mall in November. 

"He isn't here, I know there was a lot of people who probably aren't here that I don't even know about," said Corey J. "So I have to a voice for them."

The first step, he said, will be a summit on Jan. 21 to bring together young people with law enforcement and members of the Hip Hop community. 

The young rapper has been featured on "Ellen" in the past.