WILLIAMSON, Ga. -- Family and friends gathered Thursday afternoon to say goodbye to Dylan Thomas.

The Pike County High School football player died at the hospital around 8 p.m. Sunday from injuries sustained during Friday night's game against Peach County High School.

His family held his funeral Thursday at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Williamson. To say farewell, they asked all football players - regardless of their school - to wear their jerseys to the service.

Students came in school buses and others also showed up to show support to Dylan's family and team.

Peach County High Football Coach Chad Campbell said the week has been difficult for his players.

"I just hope it makes you realize everyday day you wake up is a great day, he said. "We're here as a group to show love for your family and your community"

People also used social media to send final wishes to Dylan.

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The Georgia High School Association said videos shows Dylan falling during a play in the third quarter, and then he reported a problem with feeling in his leg after the fall.

His teammates will hit the field Friday against Rutland High in Macon. They will honor No. 32 with a special tribute.