GREENSBORO, NC -- It's the latest fitness trend sweeping the nation and now you can find it in the Triad. Baby goat yoga - yes, baby goats in a yoga class. Unite Us Yoga and Therapeutics is the first studio in the area to hop on the trend and they think it's here to "nama-stay."

So what's the deal and why baby goats? We know yoga can increase flexibility, improve muscle strength and tone, prevent injury, reduce stress and more but yoga with baby goats claims to have even more benefits. Experts say adding playful, adorable animals to your practice can have a soothing effect and inspire you to loosen up and enjoy the class more. Practicing yoga with goats also prompts your brain to release endorphins and increases oxytocin - like it would during pet therapy.

Unite Us Yoga owner Cathy Yonaitis says she was hesitant to teach class with goats but after multiple requests from her students she decided to try it out. The classes are popular at other studios in North Carolina - most baby goat yoga classes sell out.

Yonaitis is offering the first goat yoga class is Wednesday, June 21st at 6:30 p.m. at her studio. You can find more information about the class and studio at and