GREENSBORO, NC – A retired Highway Patrol Trooper from Greensboro was recognized 27 years after his lifesaving act.

On Tuesday night, retired Lieutenant Maurice Chilton, received a Purple Heart from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. The award comes after he saved another trooper’s life while on duty in 1989.

At the ceremony, they told the story of how Lieutenant Chilton and another trooper were chasing a man who had stolen a car. After the man ran into the woods, the trooper and Lt. Chilton chased after him. When he caught up to the man, the two got into a fight. The man was able to wrestle the trooper to ground, and take his gun.

Chilton came to the aid of the trooper, pulled his weapon but dropped it after the man shot him once in the arm and chest. He was still able to pick up his gun, and shoot the man repeatedly, saving the pinned troopers life. The man died at the scene.

Now, 27 years after that scary night, Lieutenant Chilton finally got the recognition he deserved. Before Chilton stood up to accept his award, he was honored with these words,

“He stood his ground, he exhibited extraordinary courage and presence of mind under the most stressful circumstances imaginable. Maurice Chilton’s actions saved his life, and the life of a fellow trooper.”