ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, NC - Jan Moore Griggs thinks everyone could use a little more warmth in their life.

Griggs is the founder of 'Blessing the Homeless of Rockingham County,' an organization that assists those in need in the area. The group placed 1,803 coats out throughout the county Friday night for the needy. The coats were hung under bridges, next to post offices, at the farmer's market and traffic circles as part of 'Operation Keep Rockingham County Warm.'

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"When we hand out the coats, we feel like we're blessing other people," Griggs said. "But we're receiving a blessing too. It's a good feeling to help others."

'Blessing the Homeless of Rockingham County' crisis team that helped put out coats for Thanksgiving

On Sunday, a scan of some of the areas where the coats were showed that a lot of them had already been taken. Several local churches and businesses collected coats for weeks to support the project.

The coats were placed in Ruffin, Bethany, Eden, Reidsville, Stoneville, Mayodan and Madison with tags that read “I’m not lost. Take me if you need me.”

"If we can wrap some love around them with a warm coat, we can show we care," Griggs said. "I've been to rock bottom and I think you have to be there to understand it."

Hats and scarves stitched by a local sewing club were donated and put out as well. Jan says 21 'blessing boxes' with non-perishable food will be planted throughout the county soon as part of another project.

Griggs says there's around 77 homeless people and four homeless families in the county.

The organization has 17 crisis team members that meet regularly. The goal is reducing the number of homeless and providing support for them.

"My daddy was a giving man," Griggs said. "I just want to carry on his legacy"