WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Kevan Chandler loved reading from an early age.

"A good story, and a good world with good characters makes all the difference," he said.

In part because adventuring in real life is a little bit harder for Kevan. With muscular dystrophy, he's been in a wheel chair since most of us were taking our first steps.

"My muscles just get weaker over time, and it's a progressive disease," Kevan said.

All this time Kevan's wondered what it's like where his favorite authors are from in Europe. The home of J. M. Barrie, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken.

"Reading their books, it was really on my heart to be there," he said. "I wanted to see the country side, well, that's not really wheel chair accessible, you know. And I want to explore the downtown areas. Well, those are pretty old, if you think about London or Paris or Dublin, they are not exactly, when they were built they weren't built for electric wheelchairs."

Kevin shared his blues with some guys he met playing music. He struck a cord.

"You know I've traveled to a number of countries, and places in the world, and I've always been very cognizant of the privilege of that,” friend Philip Keller said. “And you know that not everyone in the world has the privilege of getting on the world and traveling places."

Not everyone is privileged enough to have such great friends either. Philip and three others from across the country are volunteering to take turns carrying Kevan in a backpack across Europe. Trying it out now before they visit 3 countries in 3 weeks.

"It's going to be fun to help Kevan get over some of the insecurities he's going to have. Because we're really helping him get over his confront zone," friend Tom Troyer said.

Pressing their own limits too. Since Kevan weighs 65 pounds, Phillip joined cross fit.

"I thought for his safety, I really needed to be a lot stronger. And it kinda gave me a good excuse to try something I hadn't tried before," he said. "We're all having to experience a lot of things just for this trip. Yeah."

"All I can say is how thankful I am to them,” Kevan said. “Not just for this trip but for being part of my life in general."

It's not just the group of friends supporting Kevan. People from all over the world have donated to their Go Fund Me page called We Carry Kevan. The money is going to buy plane tickets for all the friends to travel with Kevan.

The guys leave on their trip June 18.