After 66 years of doing business in the Triad, a local florist is shutting its doors. 90-year-old Rigdon and his wife and business partner, 87-year-old Martha Scruggs of 'Scruggs Florist' are retiring at the end of April.

Scruggs Florist, located at 2158 Lawndale Drive is the oldest family-owned and operated florist in Greensboro. Their flower shop is the oldest family-owned and operated florist in Greensboro.

Rigdon's mother, Lillian started the business after returning from design school in 1951 but opened the shop on Lawndale in February 1952. When she retired in 1976, the couple took over. Now the Scruggs say they're just too far into their senior years to continue running the business and need some rest.

"Every holiday you work and the only one you get is July the fourth or something like that," Mr. Scruggs said jokingly. Mr. Scruggs added that he would love to take some time in his retirement to go to the beach and visit family and friends around the country.

"I'm going to miss the people I really will that we've always had contact with," said Martha Scruggs who shared that she especially loved making flower arrangements for new mothers and their newborns.

She also said she would like to spend more time engaging in church activities and beautifying her home environment.

Since announcing their retirement, the Scruggs have received offers from various people to buy the business. While it is their hope, they're not sure the new owners will keep the name 'Scruggs'.

The Scruggs are inviting the community to say goodbye, especially those whose live they have touched with their flowers. People can stop by the shop on Lawndale Drive on April 27th and 28th.