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2 Your Well Being: 3 Steps To A Successful School Year

There are 3 steps parents can take to help get their child's school year off to a good start.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The first day of school is now over for most triad school districts. Now that your child's home from their first day, there are some things parents can do to set their child up for success for this school year!

Clinical psychologist Jenna Mendelson with Lebauer HealthCare joined Julie Luck and Taheshah Moise on WFMY News 2 at 5pm with three steps every parent should take!

The first tip is something some parents may have re-started last week: getting back into that all important routine. Mendelson said this can be a chance to set habits that can help to make the year easier and more fun for you and your child. 

We know the first day can be a lot. So step 2 involves not just asking "how was your day" but framing it positively. She says you can shift the child's focus in a positive direction by asking them what they are looking forward to most for the year, such as favorite classes, extracurricular activities that they will be doing, or even just seeing friends again.

Step three is different for each child -- even in the same house. But knowing their communication style can help you understand your kid and help you notice when something's wrong. She said you may be eager to hear details from your child's day right away, and may feel an urge to ask a lot of questions. However, each child has their own communication habits and preferences. 

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