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2 Your Well-Being: Baby safety around the house, every day and during COVID

Cone Health pediatrician Dr. Yun Boylston joined us for 2 Your Well-Being.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — September is Baby Safety Month. It's a good time for parents and grandparents to review important information to keep babies safe and healthy.

Cone Health pediatrician Dr. Yun Boylston joined us for today's 2 Your Well-Being. She said don't get overwhelmed when baby-proofing your home. One thing that's often overlooked is everyday items like detergent pods, certain, medicines, Legos, and other small little objects. Another hazard is remote controls. They have small buttons that can get loose and batteries. All pose a choking hazard. 

When it comes to sleeping, Dr. Boylston said all infants under 12 months should be put on their backs to sleep in their own space. You also want to avoid any plus objects like pillows, blankets, bumpers, and stuff animals. You should keep to a thin blanket and firm mattress. 

Dr. Boylston also talked about kids and hot cars. She said to create a phrase that will help you remember like keys and kid. When you get out of the car, hold up your keys while saying, "keys" then hold up your kid while you say, "kid." Dr. Boylston also said to make sure to always lock your car even when you are at home. That way your kid can not get into the car when you are not looking and accidentally lock themselves in.

Dr. Boylston also talked about protecting your kids from COVID. She said the best way to protect children who cannot get vaccinated is to get vaccinated yourself. Vaccines reduce the risk of people getting COVID and can also reduce the risk of spreading it.

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