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2 Your Well-Being: coronavirus and summer vacation

In today's 2 Your Well-Being, we are talking safe summer travels during COVID-19.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Summertime normally means summer vacations, but coronavirus is changing how we look at spending time together. In today's 2 Your Well-Being, we are talking safe summer travels during COVID-19.

Wesley Long Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeffrey Hatcher says wearing a mask and social distancing is still recommended while on vacation. There are exceptions. He said if you're at the beach and not around a lot of people, you should be fine without wearing one.

When it comes to staying with extended family in one place or hotel, Dr. Hatcher said to use caution. If you can, everyone should self-isolate two weeks before the vacation so the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 is lower. He did say if you can't, you might want to consider wearing a mask in the common areas.

When it comes to cleaning, Dr. Hatcher says you can always ask the hotel or rental company what their cleaning procedure is, or you can bring your own cleaning products. He said you should be fine because studies show the virus doesn't live on surfaces for very long.

Pools are similar to beaches. Dr. Hatcher said if you cannot stay 6 feet apart from people to wear a mask. He said there is no evidence you can get COVID-19 from the pool water.

So, what should you do if you or someone you're traveling with starts to feel sick while away from home? Dr. Hatcher said you should go to a doctor immediately. Do not wait until you get home from vacation. 

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