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2 Your Well-Being: Getting the most out of your New Year's resolutions

People often make New Year's Resolutions saying they want to stop smoking or stop overspending. To make it easier, flip it.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Time's running out to make a New year's resolution. In today's 2 Your Well-Being, we're taking a new look at those resolutions!

Fedoria Bynum is a counselor with the Cone Health Employee Assistance Counseling Program. She says it's harder to stop something than to start something new. People often make New Year's Resolutions saying they want to stop smoking or stop overspending. 

To make it easier, flip it. I want to become healthier or I want to start saving money monthly. Think about what narrative you are telling yourself about the things you want to change. Positive self-talk will make it easier to implement a positive change which in turn will stop negative behavior.

Bynum says to make those resolutions "smart" by using an acronym. "S" is for specific.  Be clear about what you want to accomplish in the New Year. "M" is for measurable. How will you track progress? "A" is for attainable. What tools and resources do you need to achieve your New Year resolution? "R" is for relevant. How is the resolution relevant to your life? For example, how does it align with goals for your family or for your career? "T" is for time centered. What is the deadline? When will this be completed? 

You've made a positive and smart resolution, what now? Bynum says to give yourself permission. Often we feel there isn't enough time in a day to get things accomplished. Creating space for progress is imperative for change to take place. New Year resolutions come to mind because a person has identified an area or areas in their life where improvement is warranted. As with anything you have to give yourself permission to show up for you and commit to yourself as you have done in other areas of your life whether it be as a spouse, parent, or employee.


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