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2 Your Well-Being: Women & heart health risks

The risks for things like heart disease and heart attacks look different for women.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — February is celebrated as heart health month and it's the perfect time to check in on your well-being. 

When it comes to knowing the risks and preventative measures for things like heart attacks and heart diseases, it's different for men and women. 

You might think heart disease only affects men. But heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. 

Dr. Gayatri Acharya from Cone Health's Medical Group HeartCare at Northline Avenue says a heart attack can happen in a second.  She talked about the warning signs everyone should know.

"The classic symptoms of a heart attack are that crushing chest pain in the center of your chest or towards the left, and it's going to be noticeable," said Dr. Acharya.

Risk factors vary by gender and that makes tracking your heart health, different for men and women. Abdominal pain, light headiness and 

"Women may sometimes have milder symptoms and sometimes that's why they're not diagnosed as quickly or as frequently with heart disease," explained Dr. Acharya.  

Women should pay particular attention to unexplained neck, jaw, back or shoulder pain as signs of a heart attack.  Dizziness, feeling light headed and shortness of breath are also warning signs.

Things to keep an eye on as you try to stay heart-healthy are as follows: 

  • Know your numbers
  • Eat hearth healthy
  • Exercise
  • Avoid tobacco

For more resources related to heart health, click this link to see all the help Cone Health offers both online at their medical practices.

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