GREENSBORO, N.C. — December 1st was World Aids Day and while the medical community has made progress in the battle against the disease, take a look at these stats: 

We live in the heart of the epidemic. More than half of newly diagnosed HIV infections are in the Southeastern part of the country. 

HIV still disproportionately affects certain groups and ethnicities. 

Guilford County is third in the state for newly diagnosed people with HIV infections. 

Dr. Kees Van Dam is the director of research at Cone Health Regional Center for Infectious Disease. He says everyone needs to get tested for HIV. 

Modern treatments mean people with HIV can live completely normal lives and is simple. There are 11 brand name, one-pill a day treatments that can lower HIV levels to "undetectable" levels in their blood. The pills have minimal side effects. 

HIV can be prevented with a pill. There are 2 one pill a day medications that can be taken by those at risk for HIV. They reduce the risk of getting HIV by more than 90%, even among those at high risk.

Today's treatments are so good that people become un-infectious to their sexual partners if their viral loads are suppressed. Not only is this a key to ending the transmission of HIV it also liberates those living with HIV from worrying about transmitting the virus to their sexual partners IF they are adherent to their regimens.

You can read more about HIV here

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