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Don't wait! Head to the doctor's office for an annual visit

Routine annual visits can help spot problems early or just keep you on a healthy path.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Staying healthy can sometimes feel like a challenge but a great way to stay on track is by heading to the doctor's office for annual wellness visits.

These visits are for everyone, young and old alike. 

"A lot of these wellness visits are looking to discover these things we might not know about yet, they're looking for that early intervention and prevention," said Richard Morrow, Nurse Practitioner at LeBauer HealthCare at Summerfield Village. 

Experts say making these visits every year can cut down on the number of times you have to head to the doctor's because an annual well visit will set the foundation for care throughout the year. 

The times you are feeling fine is often the best time to come in for an annual wellness visit.

"If we can take further steps to make sure you are getting sick less often, I want to make sure that's the best case," said Morrow. 


  • Update your medical chart 
  • Add in any new family history that could impact your health
  • Head to toe physical exam 
  • Routine blood work

A great example of something that can be uncovered in an annual visit, is high blood pressure. 

You may not be feeling the effects of your blood pressure, but your heart and your kidney could be. Catching this at an annual visit could mean early intervention and prevent long term problems down the road. 

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