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Commit to new healthy goals in 2022 | 2 Your Well-Being

Dr. Jeffrey Hatcher shared how to apply experiences from living with coronavirus this past year to your new goals for 2022.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — As you think about what your New Year's resolutions may be, the traditional healthy lifestyle resolutions will still apply – eat healthier, exercise, get more sleep. 

However, after months of living in a pandemic and still facing COVID-19 in 2021, what have we learned that we could add to that list for 2022?

Dr. Jeffrey Hatcher, Chief Medical Officer for Wesley Long Hospital, shared how to apply experiences from living with coronavirus this past year to your 2022 resolutions for a safe and healthy New Year.

Hatcher said one way to commit to a healthy way of life is to start with the COVID-19 vaccine. Hatcher said getting the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters is a way to commit to caring for you, your family and friends. Find out how you can get your booster right now! 

Another way to care for others is to donate blood. One pint of blood can save up to three lives and there’s always a big need for blood donations. Find out how you can donate blood and save lives

Hatcher said another tip going into 2022 is to “be present.” Learn to take each day one at a time and value and treasure the small moments as well as the day-to-day victories.

Other goals to commit to in 2022, could include knowing your option for health care and finding a primary care provider instead of waiting until you’re sick to schedule an appointment. Find a primary doctor now to help plan for future appointments. You can also complete your advance directive. Also, make a new fitness or exercise goal like participating in a 5K. 

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