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2 Your Well-Being: Keeping your child free from COVID-19 this school year

Doctors encourage parents to get their children on schedule with COVID-19 vaccines as the school year begins.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Everyone older than six months old can get a COVID-19 vaccine. However, many parents have chose not to vaccinate their children.

Cone Health's Dr. Suresh Nagappan encouraged all parents to keep their kids on schedule during this edition of 2 Your Well-Being. 

Dr. Nagappan, the Medical Director for the Children's Unit at Moses Cone Hospital, said children over 5 should get their booster, too.

COVID-19 spread has picked up recently. That means it's possible someone's child likely had the virus. Dr. Nagappan said parents should wait 2-3 months after infection before starting the vaccine series.

Many parents have justified their decision not to vaccinate their child because they believe the virus does not impact children significantly. Dr. Nagappan said it's true that children do not typically get severe infection. However, it can happen.

"It's true that kids get less sick than adults, but it's not never sick," Dr. Nagappan said. "That's a really important distinction."

Dr. Nagappan said his hospital has treated 200 kids for COVID-19 during the pandemic. He said that excludes people who tested positive upon arrival. He said vaccinating your child is a simple way to ensure it doesn't happen to them.

Parents also worry about the side effects associated with the vaccine. He said most children experience short-lived, mild side effects. 

Dr. Nagappan said that doctors do track the prevalence of myocarditis after people get vaccinated. The condition causes inflammation of the heart. He said it's very rare, and the probability is similar to getting struck by lightning.

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