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2 Your Well-Being: Flu shot season and why you should get yours

Health experts have witnessed a severe flu season in the Southern hemisphere. That has them worried about what it could mean for the United States.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's that time of year. People everywhere are rolling up their sleeves and getting their flu shots.

Others still have some hesitation. TaShawn Marshall, a pharmacy resident at Cone Health, addressed some common concerns on today's 2 Your Well-Being.

Simply put, Marshall said everyone older than six months should get a flu shot to protect themselves.

"The flu shot helps to not only prevent the flu, but it also helps to prevent serious complications and infections," Marshall said.

Marshall said now is the best time to get your flu shot. The peak of respiratory virus season is not here yet. She said people should get protected going into the season, so it has time to take effect.

Needle Concerns

A lot of people don't love needles. They use that to justify avoiding their yearly flu shot. 

Fortunately, Marshall said there's an alternative nasal spray option. It works just as well.

However, Marshall said it's only recommended for healthy people that aren't pregnant. She said they also have to be between 2-49. 

The nasal spray flu shot is a live version of the virus. She said older people may have compromised immune systems. If they get a live vaccine, they may actually contract the virus.

The same is not true for the vaccine that most people get. It puts an inactive form of the virus in someone, so they cannot get the flu from the shot

Side Effects

It doesn't matter which version of the flu shot someone gets. They'll likely experience some side effects.

However, Marshall said most people only have mild side effects, and it's not a good reason to avoid the shot.

Most people experience flu-like symptoms, such as mild headaches, fever or fatigue. Others also have soreness at the injection site.

Where to sign up

Cone Health has several options for people wanting to get a flu shot. It offers walk-ins at outpatient pharmacies in Greensboro, High Point and Burlington.

There are three locations to get a shot in Greensboro. Someone can go to MedCenter Greensboro, Moses Cone and Wesley Long.

Cone Health also offers shots at primary care locations. People may need to make an appointment. You can find a provider here, and reach out to them about flu shot availability.

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