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Kids and COVID-19: 2 Your Well-Being:

We are helping students and parents as they prepare to safely return to the classroom, in today's 2 Your Well-Being.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With students returning to the classroom, children need to be ready for all the changes in place to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Wearing a mask and staying six feet apart can be challenging. So in this edition of 2 Your Well-Being, we are helping students and parents as they prepare to safely return to the classroom.

Dr. Nicole Chandler is a pediatrician at The Rice Center. She said when it comes to masks and staying 6 feet apart, parents should set the example. That includes when you are wearing a mask, making sure you are not complaining about it and wearing it properly. Same when it comes to social distancing. Kids are more likely to follow if they see you do something first. 

Many high schools are delaying in-classroom learning until January because they react differently to COVID-19 than younger kids. Chandler said children 14 and older have similar symptoms as adults and seem to spread it more than younger children. She also said it could have to do with the fact that older children are independent and have a tendency to not follow rules as closely. She adds that it's also easier for older children to learn online.

Chandler said when children come home from school, they should take their shoes off right away and wash their hands. This will help stop the spread of any viruses including COVID-19. If your child starts feeling sick or gets hurt, Chandler said to call your doctor. They can help advise you on the next steps. 

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