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Supporting bilingual children

October is bilingual children month.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Children who know two languages tend to be more versatile in understanding and appreciating multiple cultures.

If you want your child to learn a second language, but you don’t. You can expose your children to other languages through books, music, movies, other bilingual children, and you can hire babysitters who speak the foreign language that you want your child to learn. You are showing an interest in another culture; you’re setting the example for your child. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Children whose parents speak a second language might not have an interest in learning it. Many times, this happens if their friends don’t know a second language. This can happen because children don’t want to be different from their friends. In these situations, you, as a parent, should continue to speak the second language. The benefits for your children are greater than their initial hesitancy.

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