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News 2 helps Greensboro woman collect delayed unemployment benefits

The money was coming in every week until it abruptly stopped causing some serious financial hardship for Carol Wilson. The biggest concern was paying rent.
Credit: Hannah Wilson

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Carol Wilson lost her job earlier this year. She filed for unemployment and later qualified for the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

“It worked out pretty well at first,” Wilson said.

After her initial unemployment claim ran out and still unable to find work because of the pandemic Wilson was able to collect emergency compensation for 13 weeks. On week 12 there was a problem when she went to file her weekly certification.

“(There was) no warning, no explanation it just stopped,” said her daughter Hannah Wilson.

When they contacted DES Wilson said a representative told her it was a system glitch. Another representative apparently told them since the quarter ended all claims had to be re-reviewed.

Wilson was later told everything was okay and that the missing payments should be in her account by Monday or Tuesday.

“So on Monday a little bit of panic started rising up but on Tuesday when (money) wasn’t there I was like, panic, I what like what is wrong,” said Wilson.

There next few days were spent trying to speak with someone else from DES to figure out what the problem was. Wilson and her daughter were running out of money and needed the $1,590 to pay rent and a car payment.

“It’s a feeling of desperation,” Wilson said.

With less than six days before the rent was due and unable to get anyone from DES to assist them Wilson and her daughter reached out to News 2. We were able to contact a representative with DES who investigated the claim. Two days later the money was deposited into Wilson’s account.

“Thank you so much,” said Wilson “I would tell anyone who has issues to get in touch with you guys.”

Wilson has since found a job so the stress level when the September rent rolls around should be much less?