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South Carolina officials warn of repeating Memorial Day crowds ahead of 4th of July weekend

If you think it’s the restrictions are insufferable enough now, McMaster said to imagine the fall.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Health officials across the Carolinas are urging people not to let their guard down against the coronavirus over the 4th of July weekend. 

South Carolina governor Henry McMaster said the rest of our year is depending on it.

“If these numbers keep going up, if they keep spiking, we will have no choice but to keep these restrictions on crowds and gatherings in place,” Gov. McMaster said. 

If you think it’s the restrictions are insufferable enough now, McMaster said to imagine the fall.

“This fall will not be like other falls," Gov. McMaster said. "We will not be able to have college football, concerts, performing arts, all of those kinds of things."

Gov. McMasters' warning comes as the 4th of July weekend promises heavy travel in and out of the state.

"You have the opportunity to invest in some common sense with your friends and neighbors,” Gov. McMaster said.

Investing in common sense likely doesn’t look like images seen during Memorial Day weekend, boasting pool parties with large crowds in close proximity.

Dr. Linda Bell with SCDHEC said things went downhill for the state during Memorial Day weekend.

"South Carolina’s disease cases first began to rise in the days following the long Memorial Day weekend," Dr. Bell said. "So considering that as we move into the 4th of July weekend, this is a particular concern.”

Looking at North Carolina's daily COVID-19 cases post-Memorial Day is less of a drastic difference. But Health Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen said its more reason for travelers to be cautious.

“Particularly if you're going to areas with more virus spread, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, over to Texas, Arizona, really monitor your symptoms when you return,” Dr. Cohen said.

Like the entire state of North Carolina, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is requiring everyone to wear masks. 

On Thursday, Myrtle Beach city council also passed a face mask mandate that will run until Labor Day.


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