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'Honestly, I was afraid that I may never see her again' | Family awaits coronavirus test results during outbreak at nursing facility

Marty Richardson's elderly mother lives at Camden Health and Rehab where the state confirmed 6 cases of coronavirus as of Tuesday, April 27.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When Marty Richardson left the Camden Health and Rehab facility on March 12, she didn't think it would be the last time she would see her mother until further notice. 

"The very next day, before I could even get there on Friday, they called and said no visits at all," she said. 

Since then, Richardson said she sends her mother cards and calls her three or four times a day. 

"Just to help her walk through her day and keep her routine as stable as I could and I also started mailing her cards to her three times a week so she would have a little bit of contact or communication from home," said Richardson.

A report from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services notes 6 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Camden Health and Rehab facility where Richardson's mother, Vira, lives. 

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"I almost immediately kind of panicked because my mom is 87 years old and she has some other health conditions," said Richardson, "None of which are the typical high-risk categories but still, she’s 87, Immobile, she has enough challenges already. I just didn’t want her to be faced with yet another challenge that would affect your quality-of-life."

Richardson said her mother was tested for the coronavirus on Friday, and they're waiting for the results. 

"That’s especially difficult trying to provide support and comfort over the phone," said Richardson. 

Richardson said the process has been especially difficult realizing the path to visit her mother in the facility again may not be in the near future. 

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"Honestly, I was afraid that I may never see her again," she said.

Richardson said she's trying to remain strong for her mother.

"She is the strongest person that I’ve ever known in my life and I’m trying to gain that strength from her to get through this with her now," said Richardson.

Richardson said her mother used to be a professor for gerontology, the scientific study of old age, at UNCG. 

Richardson said her mother used to tell her she wanted to study old age so she'd understand the process when she gets old. 

She's hoping this virus goes away soon so she can reunite with her mother.

"Normally I would be right by my mother's side supporting her and going through this with her and I’m doing all I can with phone calls and cards and trying to stay in communication with the facility," said Richardson. 

WFMY News 2 reached out to Camden Health and Rehab who said to call back Wednesday and speak to the administrator. 

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