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"The supply chain is definitely suffering. Suffering worse than I’ve ever seen it before." Burlington Trucking school seeing supply chain impacts

The owner of Cross Country Truck Driving School in Burlington says she's never seen the supply chain suffer the way it has this last year.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Nationwide many different industries are hurting for employees. From restaurant workers, to super markets, to even our supply chain, more specifically truck drivers. 

We've dealt with supply chain issues sine the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020. Fast forward almost 20 months later, and not much has changed. 

Pamela Day owns Cross Country Truck Driving School in Burlington. She says she's never seen the supply chain suffer the way it has the last year plus. Now demand for drivers keeps going up, and so does the pay.

"What we used to pay 6000 to move something, now it has to start at 10,000+. They won't even touch the freight unless it's $10,000 to start with and of course climbing higher."

One person who took advantage of this growing demand is Charlisa Weaver, she's been enrolled in Truck Driving school for close to three weeks and is surprised how much she's picked up already.

"It's most definitely been an experience. I've learned a lot, I came in knowing absolutely nothing, and already I know everything about this baby right here."

According to CBS News these supply chain issues are also responsible for you seeing increases in grocery prices, as well as the anticipation of severe shipping delays this upcoming holiday season, and Day agrees 100%.

"My fear is that we thought we were in a really horrible situation with the toilet paper situation last year. But when we can't get meat, cheese, eggs, and bread, it's going to be a lot of suffering around here. So truck drivers are in a dire situation to get them in place so that they can move this product."


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