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North Carolina reaches 50% adults fully vaccinated

The state reached a new milestone, but it's been slow getting there.

NORTH CAROLINA, USA — North Carolina officially reached 50% of adults 18 and older fully vaccinated on Tuesday.

It's a new milestone, but the state has only seen marginal increases every day.

The number of adults with just one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine remains at 54%. State leaders would like that number to be at 70% by July 4.

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Vaccination rates remain slow in North Carolina with less than 1% improvements daily. The biggest vaccination week for North Carolina was the first week of April - when vaccinations opened to all adults.

Vaccinations by the numbers:

  • Total population with at least one dose: 44%
  • Total population fully-vaccinated: 40%
  • 12+ with at least one dose: 51%
  • 12+ fully-vaccinated: 47%
  • 18+ with at least one dose: 54%
  • 18+ fully-vaccinated: 50%

State leaders continue to encourage North Carolinians to get the COVID-19 vaccine, as it is the best way to stay protected against the virus. Health officials recommend those who aren't fully vaccinated wear a mask, but mask-wearing is no longer a requirement in North Carolina. 

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Click here to find a vaccine provider near you. You can even narrow down your search by vaccine preference.

Call the Vaccine Help Center at 888-675-4567.

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