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“I feel bad for my parents'| Inconsistency impacting COVID-19 vaccine distribution

A Cone Health OB/GYN employee says the inconsistency of the vaccine is impacting everyone she knows. Guilford County expected to get 500 doses Thursday.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — In Guilford County, the health department was able to keep its promise and vaccinate 400 people, Tuesday.

Atrium health provided the vaccines.

But this doesn't help the more than 10 thousand people waiting to get re-scheduled with Cone Health.

Michelle Horvath an OBGYN at Cone Health’s Green Valley location said the roll out is disappointing. 

“I was hoping this would be a beacon of light for us and it’s not and it hasn’t delivered,” Horvath said.

Horvath said the inconsistency of the vaccine is impacting her coworkers, friends and family.

Her parents waited almost a month for their first shot, and are still waiting on their second. 

“I feel bad for my parents, I feel bad for my friends,” Horvath said. “How are we going to get these underserved and at risk populations vaccinated when we can’t get vaccines for people who signed up for appointments already.”

As of Tuesday, more than 8,700 people have died from coronavirus in North Carolina.

Jut over 3,300 are in the hospital.

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Horvath said it’s taking a toll on her colleagues.

“The stress is there the wearing down on everyone is there,” Horvath said. “The friends who are directly taking care of COVID patients they are really struggling right now.”

500 vaccines from the state health department are expected to arrive in Guilford County - Thursday.

It's just a small injection in a large pool of folks waiting on their shots.

“We have to do something different now,” Horvath said. “We have to sit down and figure out how we’re going to get  everyone vaccinated not just so we can get our lives back but so we can stop people from dying.”

Dr. Horvath encourages folks to take the trip to other counties if they can secure an appointment elsewhere.

Cone Health is starting to make calls and send out e-mails to get folks rescheduled.