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COVID-19 pandemic forcing woman who needs heart transplant to wait

Hospitals have had to put a hold on all procedures because bed space is filling with COVID-19 patients.

ATLANTA — Vicki Hocking Dobrydnia does not have COVID-19, but her life is in danger because of it.

“I’m at a loss for words, again.” She wrote.

Vicki desperately needs a heart transplant to survive. Everything is finally a go for her transplant, but her surgery is on hold because hospitals are filling with COVID-19 patients. There isn’t a bed for her.

She shared an update after her latest appointment. 

“Everything is a go; but I am on hold due to COVID-19 because the hospitals have no beds," she said. "They have had to put a hold on all procedures.”

So, she waits. 

She doesn’t have family around, after suffering a lot of loss this year. But she does have friends fighting for her.

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“She is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet,” said long-time friend Michael Waters.

Vicki was there for Waters, when he faced heart problems. Now, Waters is there for her.

“She is in a spot where she needs a lot of help and we are going to be there for her, whatever it takes," he said. 

He has watched Vicki overcome impossible odds already. 

She was born with a rare heart defect. 

“Most people with her condition don’t live to be a year old," he said.

He said he believes she will do it again. 

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"She is really a really a miracle already -- and we are looking for a second miracle.” Waters said.

In her more than 50 years, Vicki has never known life with a strong heart. 

A heart transplant is her chance to experience the fullness of a healthy heart for the first time. 

Vicki says that she believes in miracles, and that is why she is still here.

Vicki Hocking Dobrydnia is excited about the opportunity for a new life. She is hoping she doesn’t have to wait too long for it.

She will have her surgery at Emory University Hospital when COVID slows down. 

After her surgery, she will stay for a month, followed by another month of rehab. 

Even with insurance, the cost of this surgery is extremely high. 

Her friends are rallying behind her with a GoFundMe page