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Guaranteed ways to lose weight for summer

Doctors say hundreds of diets and weight loss products are on the market, and a lot of them do not work.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Summer is just over a month away social media is full of diet plans, weight loss trends, and hacks aimed at getting the body ready for the beach.

If you're contemplating a diet change, experts say it's important to keep your health top of mind.

Experts say if diet and weight loss management is the goal the safest way to lose weight and stay healthy is to talk to a doctor.

A family doctor can explain how some foods can be harmful to patients with chronic health problems. 

For example, doctors say, If you have poor kidney function, you have to watch your protein intake. A person with kidney disease cannot process high amounts of protein, and they build up in the blood.

Weight is determined by how much food we consume and how much energy we burn every day. If your weight remains at a constant level, you are burning enough calories to keep from gaining weight. However, if your weight has been increasing over time, you need to make some changes. 

Experts say, also consider your job and lifestyle. If you work in an office and do not move around much during the day, you will burn fewer calories than someone who gets a lot of physical activity.

There are so many ways to lose weight and with summer approaching more methods to get your body right may appear. However, one of the best things you can do is discuss any health issues and be honest about your eating habits with your doctor.  


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