CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New details tonight on the dog flu we've been telling you about.

More cases right are being reported right here in our area, and some of the local veterinarians are encouraging clients to get their pets vaccinated.

Richard Todd and his wife aren't taking any chances with their rescue pup Ginnie.

“It’s not so much a worry as it is a point of concern,” said Todd.

They got an email from their vet at long hospital warning about the dog flu.

“We do like to participate in group dog events where dogs mingle so rather than have a chance on exposing her to something hazardous we figured the vaccinations are good for her and us,” said Todd.

The flu is spreading at dog shows in other states and just hit North Carolina – there are two known deadly cases and a woman in Davidson says her seven dogs all got it when they were competing at an out-of-state show.

Dr. Brian Killough at Long Animal Hospital says, “They get it can last 21-28 days body does not know how to fight it.”

He says it's Highly contagious and can be deadly in the worst case situations.

“Somewhere between five and 20 percent develop pneumonia and can die from it,” Killough said.

That's why Ginnie is getting vaccinated.