CALIFORNIA – A California judge is set to decide whether coffee will be officially classified a cancer risk.

An on-going lawsuit said to be resolved in the coming months may have a judge officially declare coffee a cancer risk health risk.

Proposition 65, The Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, is a 1986 California state law that requires businesses and public places to post warnings if anything could be potentially harmful.

There are 900 possibly-cancer-causing chemicals on the list the proposition covers, including acrylamide, which occurs when food is cooked at high temperatures.

Acrylamide, which was declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organization 25 years ago, is released when coffee beans are roasted. Acrylamide is also found in French fries, potato chips, black olives and prunes.

Some teas also contain acrylamide when steeped in water above 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

Acrylamide isn’t the only carcinogen commonly found in food. Another famous one on the list is arsenic, which is naturally occurring in rice, some juices and even water.

Should the judge decide coffee is indeed a cancer risk, establishments in California that serve coffee would be required to post a Proposition 65 sign, declaring a potential health risk.

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