The Round Rock Express and St. David’s have partnered to open a private room for breastfeeding or pumping mothers at Dell Diamond, named the “Lactation Station.”

The station has a padded bench with pillows to provide comfort for mothers, and includes a television with the in-game feed so they don’t miss a second of the game.

“We have always promoted ourselves as a family-friendly venue and now with the introduction of the Lactation Station, we have taken it to another level,” said Express Senior Vice President of Marketing Laura Fragoso. “As a nursing mother myself, I was thrilled to have the immediate backing of management and ownership on this project this past offseason. It provides a necessary space for mothers in a place they can so often be overlooked. As always, the Express welcomes nursing mothers to breastfeed in any public location at Dell Diamond, but the Lactation Station provides a fun, comfortable space for those looking for privacy.”

Fragoso worked with the Central Texas Breastfeeding Coalition to choose the amenities like a comfy bench, nursing covers and pads and a private sink.

"They were the ones that suggested we put the closed circuit t.v. in there, and I thought that was a great idea," Fragoso said.

Jennie Neal, a mom, agrees.

"Especially if I have my three-year-old that wants to watch the game," Neal said. Big brother Grady can also try his hand at the activity station while Jennie feeds little Andie Kate during the dog days of summer.

"It's nice to have an air-conditioned area to sit back for a few minutes and take a breather so your not having to lug your baby around while nursing," Neal explained.

Located down the third base line, the room also has an activity board wall to keep any other kids with them entertained. It also has a full sink and outlets for mothers to plug in pumping machines and phones/tablets.

“This partnership makes perfect sense to us,” said St. David’s HealthCare Division Director of Marketing & Communication, Celeste Lesmeister. “We strive to provide healthy, pro-family information through a variety of programs, and now we can take that into the community at Dell Diamond. Breastfeeding mothers now have a private, beautiful space where they can tend to their children’s needs while not missing out on the game.”

Fragoso hopes more moms take advantage of the new spot, and appreciate it's motivational messages.

"We want to be kind of empowering to the mothers and remind them what they're doing is so important and we're here to support them," Fragoso said.

The Express added they are one of the few Minor League Baseball parks that offer such a space solely for breastfeeding mothers.