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Local experts worry about possible "bubble fusions"

Dr. Christopher Ohl with Wake Forest Baptist Health is talking about what the new term means

GREENSBORO, N.C. — As COVID-19 restrictions loosen tomorrow across our state and spring break right around the corner-

One local health expert fears there could be a slight surge in cases statewide, if we aren't careful. 

Dr. Christopher Ohl with Wake Forest Baptist Health is concerned about "bubble fusions."

The term "Bubble Fusions" is key.

 We all have a bubble made up of friends, family, and those we see on a daily basis.

As capacity limits get ready to expand and more people could be around each other.

Dr. Ohl says mixing those bubbles can be risky, and it's where large scale transmissions can take place. 

Here's what he wants everyone to know, as restrictions loosen.

"I think that we're going to start seeing our cases go up some. Both in the state and also in our area here."

Here's something else Dr. Ohl believes could be a factor.

"Also having more people traveling right now, as schools go on spring break. And it's not necessarily everyone going down to Miami Beach to party, but people having family get together and visiting friends."

Dr. Ohl also talked vaccinations in Forsyth County.

He says the fairgrounds clinic is getting close to vaccinating 1000 people a day, as long as the supply remains consistent.