June is Men's Health Month and Inova Health wants to make sure YOU know how to stay happy & healthy all summer long! Check out these 10 tips to keep you up-to-date from Dr. Nilay M. Gandhi, MD.

1) HEART HEALTH - Heart disease remains the #1 threat to men's health.

2) WORKOUT - Exercising 30min/day, 5x/week will help maintain a healthy body weight and lead to better mood, improved sleep, and heart health.

3) GET CHECKED - The lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer is 1 in 8 men, so early detection/screening is important.

4) TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE? - Urinary symptoms (frequency, urgency, waking up at night, weak stream) are signs of an enlarged prostate. Prostate cancer tends not to have symptoms.

5) CHECK YOURSELF - A monthly self exam may just save a young man's life!

6) RED FLAG - Erectile dysfunction in young men may be the first warning sign for cardiovascular (heart) disease.

7) RIVER, NOT A POND - 8 glasses of water a day may keep kidney stones away.

8) MAKE IT COUNT - On average, men live less than 5 years longer than women.

9) EAT WELL, FEEL WELL - Add 1 fruit & vegetable to each meal for clean, healthy eating.

10) MEN'S HEALTH MONTH - National Men's Health Week culminates with Father's Day, designated a nationally celebrated holiday in 1972.

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