East Tennessee is making history.

The Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center opened the first "no compression" breast imaging unit in the country Wednesday.

KCBC Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski, says the new technology uses CT imaging. She says it provides a clearer, more complete picture of the breast in just 10 seconds.

The new technology is quite the game changer, according to Kozlowski. She says right now, some women don't get mammograms because they don't want to experience the compression.

"And what's the beauty of it is that it is 3D with clear images and there is no compression of the breast so its an answer to women's prayers after all these years since the beginning of mammography in the 1960s So it took a long time," she said.

She hopes the new technology changes the way breast imaging is done.

"This new technology is the biggest breakthrough in breast imaging. It gets rid of the most common complaint patients have," Kozlowski said, "and provides a wealth of information that isn't available in mammography. "

The Koning Breast CT is the latest advancement in breast imaging. Patients also get the same low dose radiation as they would with traditional diagnostic mammograms.