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NC man has COVID-19 antibodies more than eight months after second vaccine dose

Greg Bacot of Mocksville is participating in a two-year Pfizer vaccine trial at PMG Research of Winston-Salem. He said he's received five positive antibody tests.

MOCKSVILLE, N.C. — More than 150 million Americans have received either one or two doses of a coronavirus vaccine, but health officials are still trying to get more shots into arms.

Greg Bacot of Mocksville, North Carolina said he’s had five positive coronavirus antibody tests since he took the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in August of 2020.

More than eight months later, he said his tests show he still has immunity.

“Each time I’m always a little bit nervous for it to come back negative,” Bacot said.

Bacot is participating in a two-year Pfizer vaccine trial at PMG Research of Winston-Salem.

He said his regular physician outside of the study has been testing him for the coronavirus antibodies since he received both doses of the vaccine.

His most recent test was May 7.

“So, we’ve been doing it every eight weeks and amazingly its been so many, many weeks,” Bacot said.

“It’s unbelievable how many times we’ve done it.”

Bacot said the PMG Research trial is now testing out a booster shot on half of the participants.

“At first I told them yes I would like the booster,” Bacot said.

“I decided no I would not because I want to see when these run out or when my body quits making antibodies.”

He said he hopes his story will encourage others to get vaccinated and help to put an end to the pandemic.

“I just want to say, ‘hey I’m here’,” Bacot said.

“I’m your average joe person and I’ve had it and it was so long ago and the way my body worked with it was fine.”

Bacot said he has two more trial visits and will continue to receive regular checkups with his primary doctor. 

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