GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Ever wander through a cemetery and wonder when the last time someone else was there? You might see headstones covered in moss, weeds growing up around the markers, silk flowers fading away.

It might not be neglect by choice - distance, health problems, even time can keep people from visiting their loved ones' graves.

"That's how Heaven's Maid was born."

The idea came to Sabah Ammouri when he saw his grandparents' graves, covered with mold and dirt, like it'd been ignored for years.

"I took a stroll through the cemetery and found nothing but consistency after consistency of sites that were in the same condition that my grandparents were in and I really felt like they were disrespected," said Sabah Ammouri, Founder, Heaven's Maid.

Most cemeteries take care of mowing the grass around graves but it's up to the family to take care of the headstone. Ammouri's family lives too far away from where his grandparents are buried to do any regular upkeep. Judging by the other headstones, Ammouri didn't think his problem was unique.

"I just had a vision to say you can go online, you can type in the cemetery their loved one is located at, type in their loved one, and take you right to care packages," said Ammouri.

With his friend, Michael Goliszek, Ammouri started Heaven's Maid. It's an online service that allows people to book landscaping, cleaning or flower delivery for a loved one's grave.

Sharon Yoshimoto was one of the first customers.

"While I was on Google, looking for a landscaper, Heaven's Maid popped up and I was amazed to see it," said Yoshimoto.

Yoshimoto lives in Los Angeles and her parents live in Hawaii. She says they're too old to visit the family plot alone and asked Yoshimoto to take over the care.

"I was just thinking about the expense for me to go from California to Hawaii to do this for her."

She found Heaven's Maid and ordered a landscaping and flower delivery.

"After the service was done and the flowers were delivered, there was a beautiful picture that I was able to share with them and I was able to share it with my dad through FaceTime and my mom and you could tell they were thrilled," said Yoshimoto.

Christine George lives in Alabama and needed help finding her great-great grandfather's grave in Vermont. She read about Heaven's Maid in the newspaper and decided to give it a try.

"What they were able to do for me is just a thrill and they just came at exactly the right time," said Christine George.

Heaven's Maid found the grave erected in 1888. It was sunken in the ground and covered with so much moss that the name was barely legible.

"When they see that monument, it looks like it was put in yesterday now."

She added, "Now that I know their grave is taken care of, it just makes me feel so good."

Ammouri now uses the service he created to make sure his grandparents' gravesites are taken care of.

"It's a great feeling."

Heaven's Maid provides services to cemeteries in every state and they have a database with almost every cemetery in the country.

Prices range from $40 to $100, depending on what service you'd like and how often.