Getting dissed isn't easy. Learn the most common dissing mechanisms and protect yourself from heartache. Breadcrumbing is leading someone on by reaching out to them periodically with no intention of making a relationship. This serves to boost your ego and keep your options open. If someone is only reaching out periodically and casual isn't what you want then dump them and move on. You don't have to answer them texts or calls. If you don't like the crumbs then don't eat them.

Ghosting is gradually disappearing from someone's life. Instead of telling them that you aren't interested you ignore them. Hoping that they'll get the hint. Such a cowardly way to end things. To be in a relationship you got to be mature and to get out of a relationship you got to be mature. Breaking up isn't only about you. Be courteous and respectful enough of someone else's feelings to tell them that you're not interested.

Zombie-ing is dropped off the planet after you ghost someone and then magically coming back from the dead after x period of time. Seriously? If this happens to you then don't respond if you've moved on with your life.

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