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'I'll Look Out On The Stands and Picture Them There' Tyler Bova Practices For First Game Since Crash That Killed His Family, Severely Injured Him

The Trinity High School senior will be playing for the first time since he survived the tragic accident that killed his mom, dad, and younger brother.

TRINITY, N.C. — Tyler Bova is ready to get back on the baseball field. 

It's been a long road to recovery, and he's still not 100 percent there.

"I cant run, that’s a big thing in every sport you kind of have to run in every sport," 18-year-old Tyler said.

The Trinity High School senior survived the tragic accident that killed his mom, dad, and younger brother while they were vacationing in Utah last summer.  

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"My back surgeon said I probably would never walk again, but I am walking.

Proving everyone, including the doctors wrong - his physical setbacks aren't really setting him back. 

"Even when I was in Utah in therapy I was working on my swing during physical therapy, doing just a one arm swing."

It's taken months of physical therapy and all the support in the world from his friends, teammates and coach. 

"Everyone has patience with me," Tyler said. "Even when I’m on the field and I have to walk somewhere to get the ball they cheer me on and Coach Spencer takes extra time to practice with me."

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He's ready to get on the mound now. When asked on a scale of 1-10 how excited he was to play in the game on Thursday; he said '11.'

"Probably going to feel a lot of butterflies, I think I’m going to be nervous but maybe not I don’t know."

One thing he does know for sure, he'll be thinking of his family every step of the way. 

"Oh yes of course, I’ll probably look out into the stands and just picture them there," Tyler said. "But I know they’re there, you just have to think of it that way."

Tyler's first game since the accident will be against Andrews at Trinity High. The game starts at 7 p.m. and Tyler will be pitching!